I knew I was trapped inside; every time I tried to scream she would slash my flesh with her claws, and every time blood spilled. I gurgled, choking on the warm rustic taste. She slit my throat this time usually it was my chest. An enlightening thought flashed through my mind … “I’ll die this time” … she turned to watch my face as the flesh on my throat slowly healed, then smiled as she spoke in her Demonic voice… “No, you won’t slave!” I knew she was right as she reached up to slash my throat once more.

W M M.


The impacts of my Anxiety.

All Of My Life I’ve Been The Rock … Strong, Solid … Completely Unbreakable. These Past Years It Piled Up, Piled Up So High That I Lost Control, I Mean Literally Lost It, Damn Near Hurt Someone! There Would Have Been No Coming Back From It.
I’d Changed; Found Myself Weak … Defeated! I Thought It Was Because Of The Arrogant, Pathological & Psychotic retailer Managers I Was Forced To Work With … We’ve *ALL* Dealt With One Or Two Of Those In Our Lives, But I Was Wrong They Were Only The Triggers To My Already Loaded Gun! … ๐Ÿ‘‰ *Nuance* (Anger) ๐Ÿคจ
Sometimes We Need To Sit Back And Take A Breath From Everything …
I Mean * Everything And Everyone Who’s A Trigger* … Trust Me; You’ll Know Who They Are! That’s What Will Keep You From Falling Off The Edge Of The Cliff You’ve Been On. Below; The Abyss That Only You Know; Only You Can Understand Awaits You. Ready To Consume Whatevers Left Of Your Pride, Dignity … Humanity!
Lord Knows, I’ve Never Had Patience For Idiocy & My Inpatients For Those *Without Common Sense* Well, That’s Even Worse. Sadly, That’s The Majority This World Holds, I Know I Can’t Change That, I Have No Control Over It, But I Do Have Control Of Myself And How I Survive It … I Didn’t Realize How Sever My Anxiety Was Because I Was The Rock, The One Who Held It All Together
I Worried About Everything I Thought I Was Responsible For, However; The One Thing I Ingnored, The One Person Viable To Hold It All Together Was Me … I’d Forgotten About Me! Each Day I Work On Getting Me Back, Ever Day Is A Challenge … Baby Steps!
Message Here: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF; THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU SHOULD BE THERE TO UNDERSTAND BY HELPING YOU GET THROUGH IT, IF THEY DON’T … THEN THEY AREN’T YOUR PEOPLE! #godunderstands #theresonlyoneyou #takecareofyou #beselfishwithyou #fightforyou #anxietyisreal